I had my first order of golf balls from this company just recently. They do not disappoint. I’ve never been able to save more. The golf balls they sell here helpful whenever I play golf. They are easy to find. Because of this, I do not need to buy a bunch of golf balls on a regular basis. Makes me save all the more.


I like how this company managed to use technology to their advantage. They are very efficient in what they do and are very helpful when it comes to coming up with new equipment that can make the athletes’ lives better. They do not even just create stuff, they make sure that everything they do is made up of high quality materials. You won’t regret buying from this company because you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Every penny is worth it.


I tried these golf balls and there is nothing really special about them. The swing was the same and also the trajectory. I am a professional golf player so I’ve been handling different types of golf balls for years now. The only thing that sets them apart from golf balls of other leading brands is that, they are detectable. I’m not anymore curious why this was approved by USGA. Honestly, the added feature was helpful. It saves you a lot of time and money during competition. This is my preferred brand now to use.


This was a foreign brand to me. At first, I do not understand what the big fuss was all about. But soon, I discovered how helpful this is. Very fascinated by its function. I love how it allows you to easily locate your golf balls during a game. I’ve never used another again after trying this brand out. Recommended!