Garage door repair can be avoided by performing the required maintenance. If problems are not prevented completely, then at least handled to the point where less effort and money requires to be spent to get back your garage door to its good working position.

If you take care of your garage door faithfully then it will reward you with efficient working and longer life. To enjoy the performance of your garage door and avoid the frequent garage door repairs, you just need to make sure that you will not be lazy with the maintenance tasks. When a problem does occur then you need to do something to fix a broken garage door fast in order to avoid further damages.

So what will you need to do to keep your garage door in good working order? Wash your garage door with a mild detergent to keep it clean and dust-free. You should use a soft car brush to accomplish this task. By washing the garage door regularly, the chances of dust, grease, and dirt accumulation will be reduced. Don’t use harsh chemicals, hard tools, and abrasive cleaners on the garage door.   

If you have a wooden garage door then the cleaning and maintenance should be done according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In most of the cases, you will be advised to repaint the garage door to maintain its interior look and to protect it from harsh climates conditions. It is also recommended that repaint the wood garage door from both sides. If you only painted the outer surface then it may warp due to the moisture with the passage of time.

Take a close inspection at the surface under the garage door. You should keep the bottom level of the garage door obstruct free as possible. The surface where the garage door touches the floor is a spot that can easily accumulate dirt, cobwebs, dried leaves, and debris.

There can also be a thin layer of snow formation during the winter season. When something blocks the lower section of the garage door, it will be prevented by installing weather stripping or sealer. These sealers can cause the misaligned garage door which can be a problem to the weight management of the door.  It means that a garage door needs some maintenance. To prevent these problems, you should keep the bottom surface of the garage door neat and clean.

All the garage door parts should be maintained to move freely. It is a preventive measurement that will need very little money or effort. Apply any lubricating spray like WD40 or any other lubricant to all moving parts including hinges, panels, rollers, and tracks. Both the center and end hinges need lubrication occasionally. If all the pivot points of the garage door are lubricated properly it will help the door to run smoothly which means the garage door repair is less required.