Do you play golf?

If yes, then you are first to understand that one of the biggest challenges you face in playing one is looking for the golf ball after striking it with the golf club. The force you exerted in driving the ball towards the hole can sometimes be uncontrollable especially if you are a newbie. Because of this, you are left with a lost ball. During a competition, this can cause you some penalties if you are not able to find your ball. If this problem persists, then it may even cost you the game.

Another problem is that there are times when you cannot really set your golf balls apart from others. This can be crucial during the competition. But as you practice, this can turn out to be a headache as well. You won’t be able to claim it as yours because there are others who own the same golf balls. With their look, it is really difficult to pick one golf from another. As such, it is also possible that you are going to spend so much in getting new golf balls every time.

Good thing that nowadays, new technology allows us to have a solution for this. With the invention of radar golf, it is now possible to instantly detect where your golf ball has gone during a gameplay. During practice, it is already possible not to lose a golf ball. Plus, it has become even harder to have it interchanges with others. This is because your golf ball can now respond to signals that can tell you where it is located exactly through a handheld device that comes with its packaging. Brilliant isn’t it?


So how do this work?

New and improved radar golf balls are now being invented. They incorporate microchips which allows them to be detected and to be found. This microchip sends now signals that allow a handheld device to collect it. It will flash into the device you are carrying which will allow you to pinpoint its exact location. It’s like how your garage door remote gets sync with the opener after a Tempe garage door installation. The best thing about this is that, contrary to what many expects, these type of golf balls are not easily breakable. Their chips do not also get rattled easily and do not break from having been continuously hit by a golf club. These are also USGA approved golf balls so you do not need to worry about being disqualified from a golf tournament. It doesn’t affect performance at all aside from being detectable and is independently tested to produce an exquisite performance that rivals those other leading brands. Plus, it doesn’t come at a high price so a lot of savings coming your way.

The golf balls beings sold here come in sets. They are sold per dozen, the handheld device is optional. You can order through this website or check out our affiliated stores. We have a listing here which you can find on the contact us page. Play golf the best way only here at Radar Golf.

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